With Christmas reunions comes the trouble of knowing what to serve at the dining table. Please even the pickiest of eaters and make them run towards the dining table, not just the presents.


                                   Creamy Classic Spaghetti
                                  What kid could resist a true classic with ground beef and hotdogs?


                                   Scrumptious Creamy Carbonara
                                  When kids are tired of the traditional spaghetti, serve them this delightful version of their favorite dish.


                                   Merry Creamed Chicken
                                  Chicken, crunch, and bacon. What kind of kid would run away from this treat?


                                   White Baked Pasta
                                  Not your usual red spaghetti, this creamy white pasta is a delightful treat for the curious ones.



                                   Vanilla Crunch Ice Cream Cake
                                  It’s an icy sweet wonderland in this creamy, velvety smooth cake with crunchy treats. It’s sure to keep                                                                       the kids glued to their seats.