Get on the good side of your in-laws, with these tried and tested recipes.


                                  Macaroni Salad
                                 Toss up the fun with this classic starter and let the marriage of flavors bring your loved ones delight.


                                  Kare Kare
                                 Let them know you care with creamy Kare Kare – a luscious blend of peanut butter and cream.


                                   Queso de Bola Mac and Cheese
                                  Because sometimes, a little cheese with a hint of flattery is the quickest way to one’s heart.

                                   Savory Mock Lechon Liver Sauce
                                  It’s always a special occasion when there’s lechon. Make it more special with homemade liver sauce.


                                   Buko Salad
                                  A medley of fruits and flavor married together with the coating of cream.


                                   Buko Pandan
                                  Serve them a refreshing burst of deliciousness perfect for any party.


                                   Fruit Salad
                                  This no-fruit Saladail Filipino dessert is always a standout for any Christmas occasion.

                                   Maja Blanca

                                  A fluffy finish to a hearty meal, combined with the crunch of corn kernels.